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My password is “Password”

Are you currently using a password that is just a single word like your kids names, something less that 8 characters, or even worse, just using the word “Password”? These types of passwords can be cracked instantaneously by a brute force attack! Even using 8 characters that includes uppercase & lowercase letters along with numbers and special characters is not really enough to have a secure password.

Brute force hacked

With the ability to attack 1,000,000,000 passwords per second, they can crack even complex 8 character passwords in as little as 30 seconds! Because of this, they are no longer considered a good standard use of passwords. Not to mention, often times people have to continuously update these passwords because they are difficult to remember and even worse, they sometimes have the password on a sticky note right on the monitor! (Please tell us this isn’t you)

Not to worry, below we have some info that will help you and your organization create a more secure environment using good password policies.

Tips for a Secure Passwords

(that you can remember)

Here are some ideas for creating a secure password that will be difficult to steal:

  • Use mixed words that are familiar to you to make a phrase
  • A good password should be no less than 10 characters
  • Be sure to use spaces and punctuation in the password
  • Numbers will add additional complexity and should be used as well
  • Try to replace letters with look-alike characters like “3” instead of “E” or “@” instead of “a”
  • Do not use the same password for multiple secure accounts, like your banking and business log in
  • Be sure you have a password policy lockout after multiple failed attempts
  • Passwords should be changed at a very minimum biannually

Here is an example of a password that uses the above tactics – “IT th3 w@y it sh0uld b3!”

Since passwords have become complex, other things you should do to be even more secure are:

  • Implement a trusted password manager software
    • You only need to remember one password
    • Has built in multi-factor authentication
    • Makes remembering site and app passwords easy because it securely stores them for you
    • These can even automatically generate passwords for you
    • Will automatically log you in with the click of a button
    • Ensures a secure password management policy
  • Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible
    • Creates a second layer of protection
    • Adds more security to your environment
    • You can use your mobile device as the authenticator
    • Easy to use and sometimes just requires you to tap “accept”

Of course we can help you with this, just let us know!

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