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Security is what every business should be thinking about

With ransomware (where hackers encrypt your data) and malicious activity as high as a 1200% increase year over year, every business must now focus on their IT security. There are even dedicated hacking groups hunting for businesses like yours to compromise! These guys will spend months in your network trying to determine what your data is worth and how they can destroy your backups and bypass your security. Fortunately, we are way ahead of these threat actors and have developed an artificial intelligence and machine learning security stack to make your network proactively secure from both outside and even internal threats. Give us a call and we can show you how to ensure your business is protected.

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We don’t do meetings with a pushy sales person (we know how annoying that is) or someone who only speaks tech-jargon. We’d rather you consult with someone who can actually give you helpful advice and recommendations to improve the way your business handles technology. That’s IT the way it should be!

We’ll gladly discuss anything you may need regarding this, but here are some ideas and questions you can ask us:

Is a firewall and antivirus good enough for security?

What security services should I consider adding to my business right away?

What is machine learning, artificial intelligence, and anomaly detection?

I think my data is safe, but can a hacker or threat actor encrypt my backup data?

What is a SOC (Security Operations Center) and how does it benefit my business?

And anything else you may have questions about. We are here to help!

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