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Every business is vulnerable

You have probably heard that hackers are targeting every business, even the small ones. This should come as no surprise since ransomware alone is now approaching a 20 billion dollar industry! Leaked and stolen passwords are some of the easiest ways for the threat actors to compromise your private information and valuable data. They share this compromised info freely on the dark web to other threat actors who use sophisticated programs to attempt to mine even more information about you and your business.

Have you been compromised?

Using the integrated tool below, we can do a basic email cross reference check of a comprehensive database of information stolen over the last few years for you to review immediately.

If you have security concerns, we can also perform a risk assessment, an external vulnerability test, and even simulate ransomware to do a readiness test upon request! Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let us know you are interested.

Find out in seconds if your info has been stolen or compromised by simply entering your email below and clicking search.

(make sure there are no spaces after your email if you use auto fill or the search will not work)

The MSP Breached Emails plugin is no longer licenced. Please contact MSP Marketing Edge to re-licence it.

NOTE: If your information has been compromised, it’s possible cyber criminals have used it to attempt to access your systems or steal personal data! You should change any passwords that may have been stolen immediately and contact us to do a more thorough check of stolen private information or data. There is also info at the bottom of the page on creating a secure password you can remember.

Let Us Help Your Business With Proactive Cyber Security

Businesses of every size are under attack every day. Using only an antivirus and firewall is no longer enough to keep you protected.

Is your firewall updated and using deep packet inspection?

Do you have an antivirus that can learn using artificial intelligence?

Are you monitoring the Dark Web for your sensitive information?

Can your offsite backups be encrypted by a ransomware attack?

Do you have a security operations team watching your security 24/7?

Do you have multiple layers of security in place when one is compromised?

Follow this link to learn more on how to handle password security.

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